Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins certainly feel as though they should share some kind of history together. They appeared opposite each other in 1991’s The Silence of The Lambs as a detective and serial cannibal who work together to solve a crime. It would seem as though they sparked a friendship, correct?

Well, apparently not. In an interview on The Graham Norton Show in the UK, Jodie Foster revealed she never actually spoke to him at all!

“I never spoke to him. He was scary! The first day, we had a read through… by the end I never wanted to talk to him again. We did the whole movie and he was always behind the glass partitions… [so] we got to the end of the movie and had never actualy had a conversation.”

You can watch an extract of the interview below:


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It wouldn’t be the first time actors have not interacted with their co-stars on a project. While filming this summer’s Suicide Squad, Will Smith admitted he felt as though he had never met Jared Leto, as the Joker actor famously never left character. It’s often seen as a useful method to maintain the complicated relationships of the characters over a long filming schedule.

Jodie Foster is currently promoting her new movie, Money Monster which stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The synopsis is below:

TV stock-market guru Lee Gates and his producer Patty are held hostage during a live broadcast by a man (Jack O’Connell) who lost his life’s savings due to Gates’ financial advice. The captor soon forces the pair to probe a conspiracy involving the global economy.

Money Monster is in cinemas now. Will you be watching?

BONUS: Youtube channel Every Frame A Painting has made a video examining their screentime together in a video titled ‘Who Wins The Scene?’ You can watch it here:


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Image: BBC