With Captain America: Civil War coming out a month from now, and photos of Doctor Strange swarming the Internet, it was only a matter of time before Marvel Entertainment gave fans a larger sample. The cinematic super-power made this announcement regarding Jimmy Kimmel Live via Twitter.



Speculation has already swept the Internet. In regards to Captain America: Civil War, perhaps we will get another trailer. Fans were split when Spider-Man appeared in the most recent one. Most enjoyed the new suit, but some felt the use of CGI was unnecessary.  Maybe, Jimmy Kimmel will share some more footage of ‘Underoos’ to help followers get more acquainted with the new web-slinger.

Don’t leave out Doctor Strange! Will comic book lovers finally get the Doctor Strange trailer they have been waiting for? It’s hard to know, but one would hope. Several on set photos reveal Benedict Cumberbatch harnessing his acting magic which you can read up on here. Doctor Strange is set to hit theaters 4 November 2016, and Captain America: Civil War will be in a theater near you 6 May 2016. Stay tuned to Jimmy Kimmel Live for the surprises. Hopefully whatever we get from Marvel will give way to new memes.



Image via ABC