Last summer Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s movie adaption of Neil Gaiman’s classic The Sandman was announced. The star and director, JGL, are set in stone; now there’s confirmation into who will penn the translation of David Goyer’s treatment of the script. Enter horror writer Eric Heisserer, who is best known for The Nightmare on Elm Street remake and The Thing.

New Line’s hope is for the adaption to be turned into a trilogy, reports The Hollywood Reporter. That it will need to be if Gaiman’s 1,000 plus page tale of Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, is to be told in full. Could the award-winning graphic novel series that put Vertigo Comics on the map be translated well into a feature film? JGL’s passion for the project certainly makes it seem within the realm of possibility.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Based on his credentials, do you think Eric Heisserer’s right for the job? How excited are you that Sandman is finally on the ball and rolling?


[Image: Vertigo]