Fresh off the success of Captain America: Civil War, fans can also look ahead to future Marvel projects on Netflix, too. With the popularity of Jessica Jones and Daredevil, fans are eagerly awaiting an Avengers-type show called The Defenders, including the titular characters of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Leading star Krysten Ritter has provided fans with an update as to how the projects are getting on, and when we can expect to see Marvel‘s underdogs on the small screen. Speaking with Digital Spy, Ritter explained her upcoming schedule for season 2 and beyond:

“They’ll be back-to-back. I don’t know if they’ll overlap a little bit. It’s about to be a serious undertaking. I’m starting my physical training—lots of weight training and boxing.”

So, there we have it. As we look forward to Luke Cage and Iron Fist before the eventual team up, it could be quite a while before we see Jessica Jones back on our screens.

Teasing the upcoming new projects, Ritter seems to take joy in hiding details which we all want to hear, as fans try to get an idea of when exactly we’ll be meeting the new members.

Marvel have this grand plan. Luke Cage will come out, then Iron Fist. In terms of scheduling I don’t know how it will all come out and I can’t even tell you if I’ve filmed Luke Cage. But I’m excited for Mike to have his own show. I know the tone of that show is going to be very different.”

As for now, Luke Cage is preparing for a release later this year, with Iron Fist currently in development. And while it looks like we won’t be seeing more Jessica Jones for another few years, we will certainly be waiting with open arms. With news that Daredevil‘s The Punisher will receive his own spinoff – who knows what else they have planned? One thing is for sure, this collection of shows has proven to be some of the most well-received and acclaimed shows in recent years.

Will you be tuning into the Marvel small-screen Universe?


Images: Netflix