The game, in development by Interbang Entertainment, showed up on Fig a couple of weeks ago as a crowdfunding campaign. Today, Kevin Smith posted a commercial for it on his YouTube channel.¬†Pitched as a side-scrolling 2.5D multiplayer brawler, the game will be set in Kevin Smith’s Askewniverse, featuring voice over by the filmmaker and Jason Mewes.

[youtube id=”le2Wwqyjrug”]

Players will have the option of playing co-op or solo, controlling playable characters Lunch Box and Mr. Snoogans.¬†Mimicking¬†the humor found in Smith’s films, with the help of Smith and Mewes contributing story and creative feedback, the game will feature a story campaign. Check out the official plot synopsis below:

“Jay and Silent Bob’s customers are gone and they’re on a mission to find out why. Their search soon leads them to the sparkling new mega-mall which is almost a city unto itself complete with apartments, restaurants, hospitals, and schools. On the surface, the mall seems a Utopia. But as our heroes soon discover once a would-be patron of this paradise enters they find they can’t make their way out. Before long the power of the place mesmerizes them and they no longer remember their lives before becoming permanent citizens of The Galleria. Who’s responsible for this diabolical labyrinth?! What do they want?! Will Jay and Silent Bob ever find the Orange Julius?! Only time will tell…”

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch’s crowdfunding campaign is looking to raise $400,000, by March 31, to have the game fully funded and in production. It’s currently in pre-production, the project having been in motion for a year, and is undergoing “story-boarding, and visual and narrative design development.”

Currently, the title is being developed with plans to “launch on PC, Steam, The Humble Store and GOG with the possibilities of rolling the game out on PS4, XBOX One.”

To see concept art, get more information, and back Chronic Blunt Punch, go to the game’s Fig page here.


[Source and Image: Fig]