In a recent interview with IGN, Aquaman director James Wan has said his film won’t be as dark as the recent DC films. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been criticised for the sombre tone of the film. While that might suit the version of Batman that Zack Snyder used, you can’t use that tone in every DC adaptation.

James Wan seems to get that, as he recently promised that audiences will have fun with Aquaman. In the short interview, which you can see below, Wan was reluctant to give too much away about the film. However, if you’ve been a fan of Wan’s previous work, it sounds like you’ll enjoy his jump in to the DC universe.

Wan said, “The kind of film-maker that I am… even my darker horror films generally are still very fun and I think that’s important for me and the kind of films I make.”

A fun approach to Aquaman might set alarm bells ringing for some. Don’t fear seeing a light hearted King of Atlantis, as Wan also said that part of the goal is to change the presumptions many have about the character.

“Aquaman is a character that a lot of people have made fun of over the years,” Wan added. “I just think it’s fun to actually show a really different, cool, bad-ass side to this character, but at the same time, let’s not forget to have fun with it.”


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Of all of DC’s upcoming films, you’d probably have wanted this to have been the darkest of all. The Flash and both Justice League films should be a little lighter. You also don’t want to make the first female led superhero film too dark for kids. Aquaman, on the other hand, feels like it needs to be pretty serious in order to establish this version of the character.

Hopefully Wan can mix a serious, bordering on scary, Aquaman in to an enjoyable story. He managed to mix a few different tones in to Furious 7, so hopefully he’s capable of doing the same this time around.