Supergirl may have ended Season 1 on a cliffhanger, but there is still no official word on whether it is being renewed for another year. A new report from TheWrap, however, suggests the show could return on The CW, giving it even closer ties to the likes of The Flash and Arrow.

When the idea for a Supergirl show was reported, it seemed like a perfect fit for The CW. It was created by the same producers who brought Green Arrow to the screen, as well as its two recent spin-offs. The show went to CBS, but they are hesitant about giving it another year:

The network would like the show to come back, sources close to the series say, but there’s a problem. The roughly $3 million per-episode price tag CBS pays to broadcast “Supergirl” — one of the highest license fees ever for a freshman show — isn’t quite justified by the ratings. Thirteen million total viewers tuned in to the heavily-promoted premiere back in October, but about half the audience bailed over the season, according to Nielsen.

They went on to add that the situation should be resolved fairly quickly, with CBS announcing their fall schedule in two weeks. If Supergirl isn’t part of that schedule, then a move to The CW could be on the cards.

The CW is a joint venture by CBS and Warner Bros. It would suit both of those parties if the show could be continued. It’s already set up with plenty of superhero adaptations, and Supergirl could end up being next. There was already a cross channel crossover between it and The Flash this year, and the two shows are very similar in tone.

According to TheWrap, the only downside of the deal would be big budget cuts to Supergirl if it made the move. Although, Legends of Tomorrow are able to make both the Atom and Firestorm work each week on their budget. Surely they could do Supergirl justice, too? Barry Allen speeding in to the show gave it a slight ratings boost, so don’t be surprised if Kara Danvers joins the Arrowverse full time.


Image via CBS