Other than Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, no one has been more of an advocate for the character’s standalone than director James Wan. He’s enthused, has big plans, and in interviews seems genuinely excited to make his superhero directorial debut. Fans are thrilled, probably more for his work than any other in the DCEU, because Wan and bad films typically don’t mix. He is kind of like a more versatile Christopher Nolan — whether you enjoy his films or not, his mastery of the craft is undeniable. According to reports, said mastery may no longer have a place in the DCEU film slate.

Birth.Movies.Death alleges to have heard from several sources that:

“James Wan is feeling a tremendous amount of trepidation about Aquaman. It’s important to remember two things – Fast 7 was a very difficult process for him, even without Paul Walker’s tragic death, and James Wan doesn’t really need Aquaman. With The Conjuring 2 and Lights Out (which he produced), Wan will be owning WB’s summer slate, bringing in a lot of money with movies that cost a fraction of Aquaman. Aquaman needs Wan, and right now Wan is trying to decide if he needs that hassle.”


James Wan on camera directing

James Wan


BMD makes an excellent point; in the eyes of audiences worldwide, James Wan can do no wrong. If he has a vision for the film and Warner Bros. fails to let him see it through, it’s their loss. Which, in turn, equates to fans losing, as well. He has been instilling confidence in a character that is just beginning to maintain it, even though he has yet to start development on the film. Aquaman needs him indeed, and so too does the seemingly floundering DCEU.

With The Flash director, Seth Grahame-Smith, out and Snyder and WB reportedly butting heads, Wan could either view this debacle as an opportunity or a set back. Here’s to hoping WB sees the tremendous possibilities ahead with him at the helm, and offers Wan the creative control Affleck and Geoff Johns are rumored to have with the Batman standalone.


Images: Warner Bros.