Few things at the Golden Globes have made us scratch our heads as much as the nomination, and subsequent win, of The Martian for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy.



Image via Marvel (Walt Disney Co.)

We’re not sure about the rest of you, but despite witty moments such as,


Image via 20th Century Fox

we didn’t quite get the whole zany-hijinks-with-musical-fun-vibe necessarily. We could be wrong though.

Who are we kidding? We’re never wrong. Neither is the Mashable Watercooler. As per freakin’ usual, those chuckleheads have taken what was once merely an amusing concept and turned it into a masterpiece. Call The Martian a comedy/musical? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

One can only hope awards shows continue to make such completely bewildering choices in the future so we can get more mashups like this. Then again, why wait? There are plenty of Matt Damon films to work with. Saving Private Ryan could always use a little whip and nae nae.


Image via Warner Bros. Television