With the release of Captain America: Civil War a HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) video oughtn’t be far behind. Meanwhile, Daniel Baxter has given us his review of the film in his typical, awesomely hilarious vibe.

It’s quite SPOILER-ridden so if you haven’t seen Civil War yet, you really need to take care of that problem first.

Ready? Okay then.

Baxter has almost nothing but praise for Marvel’s latest installment calling it “great fun” and basically all-around awesome. A well-cited reason for the success of Captain America films is the hand-to-hand action according to Baxter.

“The action is real, and it is a whole lot of fun to watch. Captain America’s action for some reason feels way more raw than other MCU movies. I think this is because of the hand-to-hand element. Iron Man can fly around and just tank-missile-up the joint, but Cap’s always on the ground so there’s a lot more hand-to-hand fighting, and this movie really pours it on.”

And apparently a high point for him was the introduction of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man:

“What can I say? The kid nailed it. Tom Holland just steps in and takes the role instantly, which is probably pretty easy to when you have Tony Stark hosting the introduction to the audience.

Peter Parker is only in this film for a little while, sort of like an Avengers try-out. It also conveniently balances Iron Man’s team against Captain America’s. But every time Spider-Man’s on screen it’s just perfect. Spider-Man holds his own, but he’s also not flawless in a fight. It’s great. He’s making jokes and Star Wars references. He’s basically just doing everything right for a guy like me to go, “Hmm. I like this Spider-Man. He’s a good Spider-Man. Yes, make more with that Spider-Man. Make more now.”

Honestly, we could sit and transcribe the whole review, there’s that much gold, but frankly, we don’t feel like it. So you can watch for yourself here:


[youtube id=”7fQsbnE2VC4″]


Captain America: Civil War is currently in theaters. Beyond that, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for HISHE’s Captain America: Civil War hopefully in the very near future.


Images via HISHE