Despite their differences in Asgard as the fallen Prince/King and Odin’s fiercely loyal Gatekeeper, Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba are now joining forces alongside other notable thespians for a great cause here on Midgard (Earth for you less enlightened readers). The two are throwing major support for a £130 million home for the British Film Institute (BFI) on the South Bank due to open in 2022. According to the Evening Standard:

“The landmark British Film Institute building, on the site of a car park between the London Eye and the Royal Festival Hall, will house a gallery and a research and education centre as well as three cinema screens with a combined capacity of 1,100. ”


New BFI research and education centre

Courtesy of Evening Standard via BFI


Hiddleston and Elba agree that British film needs a place to call home if the industry is to grow and maintain respect. The United States has Hollywood, a community synonymous with movies, but the United Kingdom has yet to have its own epicenter for filmmaking, which seems strange considering its huge contributions to the global film industry. According to a press release via the BFI, Hiddleston stated:

“I believe this is the most exciting cultural development to happen in the UK for some time. All the major art-forms in Britain quite correctly have national homes except one: film. British film – the tradition which has created and produced so much extraordinary talent both in front of and behind the camera – needs a national home, and the BFI is the organisation to build it.

The new BFI Centre would blow the doors wide open for everyone. Filmmaking is an art, a craft, and it’s also a real job. British directors, British actors, British crews, and British films are famous all over the world. The new development will help to democratise and diversify the pool of talent coming into the industry.”

Elba commented as well:

“Britain is a great centre of creativity and film is at its heart. If we want to see this continue to flourish, then we have to encourage young people from all backgrounds to think about it as a career, which we aren’t going to do if we don’t shout about it. It’s time we had a proper National home worthy of this 21st century art-form, and I’m excited for all of the brilliant opportunities this will bring.”

Other BFI heavyweights who publicly support the mission include Dame Helen Mirren, Ralph Fiennes, Sir John Hurt and Mel Brooks.

Meanwhile, in a few weeks, Hiddleston and Elba will return to their Marvel roles as Loki and Heimdall in Thor: Ragnarok. Our guess is we’re going to see them destroying stuff rather than building film centers together. Ragnarok is due in theaters November 3, 2017.


Images via People Magazine, BBC