HBO has announced they are developing a film based on the classic novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The cable giant has brought Ramin Bahrani on board to write and direct the adaptation. Bahrani is best known for his work on 99 Homes with Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon. According to Entertainment Weekly he will also be an executive producer in collaboration with Alan Gasmer (Vikings) and Peter Jaysen (You Me Her).

Fahrenheit 451, thus titled because it’s the temperature at which paper burns, has been adapted twice before: once in 1966 for the silver screen by François Truffaut and again for the stage in 1979. Bradbury himself was responsible for the latter.

Widely regarded as Bradbury’s best work, the book is a vaguely futuristic, dystopian story where the written word and free thinking are harshly suppressed. The protagonist, Guy Montag, is fireman who creates fires instead of fighting them, using books, which are illegal, as well as the homes and possessions of those who have them, as fuel. When a series of events challenges his beliefs he begans to amass a collection of books. He is soon outed and finds himself on the opposite side of the law and forced to run for his life.


book burning, nazis, hitler

Some people love reading books; some love burning them. Perhaps there’s a lesson?


No further information on the production or its premiere is available yet.


Images via Ballantine Books, Lucasfilm