In the past day we’ve seen possible images from Microsoft Studios’ upcoming sequel to Halo Wars posted by Twitter user @lifelower. While we are saying images in honesty, it is one image used twice, with the Halo Wars 2 logo over the image.

Developers 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have yet to confirm the image’s legitimacy, but what is shown will make a Halo fan’s mind wander. The focus of the picture is a scene where Covenant alien forces face human UNSC troops on a large field of battle. While the picture is small we do see familiar weapons such as banshees and a scarab, as well as the Ark from Halo 3 in the background.


New weapons also look to be showcased here, such as what looks to be a new type of gravity hammer being wielded by the character in focus. Again, since this is new and unconfirmed there’s no actual word on what that could be.


One thing is for sure — if you zoom in, there is a battle rifle, a fan favorite weapon.


The original Halo Wars was released in 2009 and offered a break from the Halo game franchise, in that it was not a first person shooter, but a real-time strategy game based in the Halo universe. The sequel was announced last year with a fall 2016 release on Xbox One and Windows 10, and is being developed via a partnership with 343 Industries and Creative Assembly. Creative Assembly is known for the Total War series, while 343 is a Microsoft owned studio that handles all things Halo.

We are now to question the validity of these images. If they are real, what is the context? Where did these images come from? More information will probably be forthcoming this month at E3 when Halo Wars 2 will be previewed to players. Until then all fans can do is squint and over-think what they it could mean.

Image: Microsoft