Last week, 343 Industries released a preview of things to come in this month’s Memories of Reach free DLC for Halo 5. Today, Gamespot revealed pictures of some REQ goodness, armor mods that are direct throwbacks to Bungie’s final Halo game, Halo: Reach. The campaign of Reach had you playing as the newest Spartan super soldier for Noble Team, as they attempted to save the planet Reach from being taken over by the alien Covenant army. Since the game is chronologically the first in the successful Halo franchise it should probably go without saying that Noble Team fails.


Kat's Intruder armor

Kat’s Intruder armor


Almost six years later and Halo: Reach is still a fan favorite. Nothing proves it like the fact that soon you too can dress up, in game, like Noble Team. Like all other Halo 5 armor mods, there is a catch. The armor isn’t just given away. You have to either play Halo 5 to earn REQ points through the game’s microtransaction system, or cough up some cash. Afterwards, you can spend those REQ points on REQ packs, which will hopefully unlock the nifty, new armor. It’s all a complicated gamble basically meant to make you keep playing the game or spending money on it. If you’re reading to see about a preview of armor mods for the Xbox One title you probably already know that.


Jorge's Indomitable armor

Jorge’s Indomitable armor



Emile's Wrath armor

Emile’s Wrath armor


Still, the DLC is free and the Noble Team armor isn’t the only thing new in the May update. There also is a new multiplayer Arena map (Stasis, which was used for the background in the GameSpot Noble Team armor photos), the return of a popular game type (Infection) and new weapons along with other new customizations such as emblems, weapons and armor skins that aren’t Halo: Reach themed.


Jun's Vigilant armor

Jun’s Vigilant armor


Memories of Reach is the fifth free update for Halo 5 since its release and will be available later this month.


Images: Microsoft