This upcoming Monday the Supergirl/Flash crossover airs and there is plenty of anticipation surrounding the event. While fans have to wait to see exactly how the Scarlet Speedster ends up on Kara Zor-El’s Earth, executive producer Greg Berlanti is already discussing the potential of Kara appearing in The Flash’s Central City.

[youtube id=”Cdr8_IQqT-E”]

Berlanti told The Hollywood Reporter, “We would love that. We’re waiting to see the audience reaction from something like this.” In regards to why no other characters from the Arrow-verse crossed over, Berlanti noted that:

“[Barry] was the door, the gateway. He’s the only one who had the capacity to open that door, and hopefully now it’s [staying] open. In a perfect world, it probably would have been both of them [Gustin and Arrow’s Stephen Amell]. But logistically that would have been a nightmare to try and do both shows. We had to facilitate one.”

At this point, anything is possible. Getting two shows to crossover from two different networks, that shoot in two different countries, was probably the strenuous part of the battle. Hopefully, the potential of more crossovers can only go up from here.

The Supergirl episode featuring the fastest man alive will air Monday, March 28th on CBS at 8pm EST


Image: CBS