Forget about that other Ghostbusters movie being released this summer. For two days only on June 8th and 12th the original is coming back to the U.S. in theaters. A little more than a month before the new take on ghost hunting (or bustin’ as any fly, 80’s kid will tell you) Bill Murray, Dan Ankroyd and Harold Ramis will be back. Is there any better way to tell if Paul Feig’s version is truly a giant Twinkie or a disaster of biblical proportions, than to compare it to the original Ghostbusters?

Fathom Events announced the nationwide release with tickets going on sale starting May 6. Also included with the theatrical showing will be an exclusive peak of this summer’s highly anticipated all female reboot. Sounds like a good time, right? But wait, that was only part of the announcement. If just seeing a 32 old film starring Ernie Hudson isn’t enough for you, then BBQ Films has you covered with three days of immersive movie showings. There is a catch though, you have to be 21 and go to Brooklyn to be part of that.

Two packages are available: New Recruit and Friends of Slimer. For both ticket packages there’s a screening of the movie, ghostbustin’ gear training, paranormal scientists and ghost sighting consultations along with a collectable poster.


We're guessing the post might be a version on this theme.

We’re guessing the post might be a version on this theme.


The Friends of Slimer package is just $30 more than the New Recruit package. That price gets you reserved seating, two complimentary adult ecto-beverages and a commemorative gift. Wait, commemorative gift? Isn’t that a little vague? We’re sure they are working on something so good that it is too soon to start getting people worked up into an ectoplasmic lather over it.

This June, break out the Ray Parker Jr. and either you’re going full-on Dr. Venkman and doing an immersive showing or just be a Louis Tully and attend a showing near you.


Source: Entertainment Weekly