If you don’t want to know anything about Season 6 of Game of Thrones before its premiere this weekend you need to turn away now because this is potentially a big one.




Here we go.


MTV reports:

“According to the¬†Vivienne Clore acting agency, as originally spotted by¬†Watchers on the Wall, actor Paul Kaye will return for the show‚Äôs sixth season. Kaye played Thoros of Myr, the Red Priest and member of the Brotherhood without Banners who raised Beric Dondarrion from the dead in Season 3.”

Okay, so what does this mean? It could mean several things, but rumors are now circulating that the return of Thoros, who is most likely still hovering in the Riverlands, could mean he’s going to be a particularly¬†useful man this season. Granted, the first thing curious audiences are going to think of is Jon Snow. Not likely as Jon(‘s body) is still up at the Wall, barricaded with Ser Davos, Ghost and a couple of loyal Crows. No, the grapevine is whispering another name, and it’s someone that fans of George R. R. Martin’s book series have been desperate for since the infamous Red Wedding at the close of Season 3.


Lady Stoneheart.


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We either have your attention or confusion. We’ll take them both.



In the event you’re not familiar with Lady Stoneheart, here’s a bit of backstory. When Catelyn Stark was unceremoniously murdered at the Twins, after watching her son and nearly everyone close to her slain right before her eyes, under a false banner of friendship no less, you can imagine that, if Catelyn had a ghost, she’d be pretty pissed off.

In A Storm of Swords, the third book in Martin’s series, three days after the Red Wedding, Lord Beric Dondarrion (you’ll recall, he’s the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners who was brought back to life after losing a trial-by-combat with the Hound) resurrects Lady Stark, sacrificing himself in the process. Hooray, right? Eh, not exactly.

As Catelyn had been dead and decaying for three days the resurrection didn’t quite end up so happily. Plus, given that resurrection isn’t exactly a natural process, her maternal and compassionate soul didn’t stay intact. What did carry over was her lust for revenge against Walder Frey, the one most directly responsible for the treasonous murder of her, her son, his wife and most of the Stark bannermen.

Since the Red Wedding aired on HBO, many book fans have been beside themselves at the omission of Lady Stoneheart from the series. Could it be that those cries are finally going to be answered? It’s hard to say for sure.¬†Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) has been busy during the past year working on two TV series, Rebellion and Fortitude. Would she have had time to rejoin the cast of Game of Thrones? Anything is possible. Several core cast members have engagements outside the show so that’s not necessarily a roadblock.

With Sansa’s recent escape from her maniacal husband, Arya’s commitment to refining her assassination skills overseas, the return of Bran and Rickon and the possible resurrection/return of Jon Snow, this season could finally mark the Stark family’s much-deserved revenge on several playing fields.

We’ll find out soon enough.¬†Game of Thrones Season 6 is back this Sunday on HBO.


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