Gal Gadot, the new face of DC Comics‘s Wonder Woman, had a little problem with her Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice costume. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, she told Jimmy Kimmel that her initial costume fitting was uncomfortable to say the least. As seen in the image from The Wrap, the costume is quite form-fitting.

When discussing the costume, Gadot had this to say: “… I was so happy and so grateful for being there and doing this role that I didn’t say anything about the fact it was so tight, I literally could not breathe.” Imagine being so excited for a role that you neglect to tell anyone that you’re suffocating.

The costume was uncomfortable in other ways as well. Wonder Woman filmed during winter in England, so Gadot was quite … exposed. Her male costars had the benefit of bulkier costumes to protect them from the elements.

Talk about suffering for the sake of art.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is due in theaters March 25, 2016.