Fullbright’s follow-up to the critically acclaimed Gone Home, Tacoma, is a narrative and exploration driven game set on a space station 200,000 miles above Earth. The title was originally expected to hit PC and Xbox One sometime this year, but this morning, on the developer’s blog, a delay was announced.

“We’ve made some decisions about where the game was at and how much time and attention we believe it deserves, and have decided to give it the extra time it needs. As you can tell from this decision being made a full year before we plan to launch, this isn’t a last minute “we just need a little more time!” thing, but more of a “we need to be responsible about giving the game more space to live up to its potential” kind of thing.”

The team is taking the time to redefine and rebuild elements of the gameplay and narrative. Elements such as how “gravity would work on a deep space facility like Tacoma” and how the player would effectively interact with the game’s story content.

Not much information has been provided for the game and now we know why. If Fullbright is creating something half as emotionally resonant as Gone Home, they should take all the time necessary and then some.


[Source and Image: Fullbright Blog]