Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, the Lois and Clark actor, Dean Cain, gave his impressions of the latest take on the Man of Steel. Be careful of spoilers, as he does mention the ending. Cain’s reaction to the movie seems mixed, according to him it was “too long.”

“The movie obviously was so well made; the effects were incredible. It was too long, though, and I admit, I dozed off a tiny bit, but may that’s because I was tired after a lot of traveling.”

In terms of Affleck and Cavill donning the batsuit and cape, respectively, Cain concluded “Ben was great as Batman and Henry is a very good Superman. This incarnation is so dark compared to the lightness of the Superman I’ve grown to know and love, as seen in the two version that I grew up with — Christopher Reeve and myself. That’s the only difference to me.”

He continued weighing in on the rest of the cast and the Justice League introduction. “Wonder Woman is really easy on the eyes, and I love that they introduced the other guys, the Justice League, because those stories are very cool. I loved how they did that. But I don’t see how you have a Justice League without Superman.”

As far as Amy Adams’ portrayal of Lois is concerned, “Amy is a fantastic actress,” Cain noted. “She really is a fantastic actress. But I will say that the finest Lois Lane ever is Teri Hatcher. There is no Lois in history that compares.”

Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher in Lois and Clark

Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher in Lois and Clark

Though he does admit he admires Cavill’s suit, “the suit looks fantastic; the suit is amazing! I would call him [Cavill] lucky to get that suit instead of the Lycra that I had had. Henry is big, physical big guy, and he looks “super,” if you will.” But that doesn’t mean Henry Cavill earns the stamp as Cain’s favorite incarnation of the Man of Steel. “My favorite of all time will always be Christopher Reeve. He’ll always be Superman in my eyes.”

Can’t argue with that. Batman v Superman is in theaters now and if you need more Dean Cain in your life, tune in to CBS’s Supergirl on Mondays where the actor plays Kara Zor-El’s adopted father, Jeremiah Danvers.


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