Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon can be synced with The Wizard of Oz, but one Reddit user thinks it can match-up with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, too.

Redditor knnl posted a theory two months ago that is just now getting some attention. They suggest that each act of the film runs about the same time as the iconic album if you start playing it right as the opening crawl ends. “The music is always spot on for every scene, but the lyrics are what confirm[s] that this was, indeed, [possible],” knnl wrote.

Knnl also provided some examples, noting that some of the lines match what is happening on screen. For example, the line “I’m not afraid of dying. Anytime will do,” from The Great Gig In The Sky matches with the beginning of Poe Dameron’s torture at the hands of Kylo Ren. The same track also appears to foreshadow what happens to Han Solo.

Lyrics from Time match-up with scenes of Rey struggling in life. Other lines from Brain Damage are perfectly timed with Rey’s walk up the steps to Luke Skywalker.

A Vimeo user also posted the first seven minutes of The Force Awakens with the soundtrack replaced by the first songs on Dark Side of the Moon, which you can see below.



Image: Disney/Lucasfilm