Marvel’s fourth team-up with Netflix looks to be very different from Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the upcoming Luke Cage. Whereas those are generally grounded takes on superheroes, Iron Fist looks to be much more out-there and comic book-y. The show will follow Danny Rand, an average New Yorker – apart from the fact that he has mystical Kung Fu powers.

As such, fans can’t wait to get their first glimpses of the series. Thankfully, now that work has begun on the show, behind the scenes shots are springing up online. As reported by MCU Exchange, here is our first look at British actor Finn Jones in character as Iron Fist, as snapped by a fan who was present during filming in downtown New York.


Granted, the photos don’t show Jones in the most heroic of poses, nor do they show him decked out in his superhero gear, but, come on, guys, at least it’s something.

Casting news for the series is currently heating up, as well. Yesterday it was announced that Jessica Stroub and Tom Pelphrey are joining the show as Joy and Ward Meachum respectively. They will star alongside David Wenham’s Harold Meachum as their on-screen father. Jessica Henwick has also been cast as female lead Colleen Wing.

Iron Fist will be helmed by showrunner Scott Buck, who was previously a staff writer on Dexter. It doesn’t have a fixed release date yet but is expected to drop on Netflix in spring 2017. Later that year, Iron Fist will join with his fellow streaming service heroes to form the highly anticipated team-up show The Defenders. 


Images via Tumblr