Have you played the Souls series in its entirety — Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne — and are  anticipating this week’s launch of Dark Souls 3? Does the narrative confuse you to no end? Well you’re in luck, YouTube content creator MoonlightButterfly is offering up in-depth help you probably won’t get anywhere else.

The fun of Souls games is not just in their overwhelming difficulty, but also in the clever way with which developer FromSoftware chooses to tell the story. Sure, there are cutscenes and dialogue, but their appearances are finite in number when compared to other RPGs. What makes these games especially unique is the lore. Item descriptions may offer the player more information, regarding the overarching narrative, than all the title’s cutscenes would ever provide. Which is why MoonlightButterfly, and other notable Souls fans on YouTube like VaatiVidya and DaveControlLive, are so appreciated within the series’ online community.

Below MoonlightButterfly’s video’s will brush you up on the series’ lore before launch.

Demon Souls:

[youtube id=”aZQj-sTDU4A”]

Dark Souls:

[youtube id=”V07r7p4rf3I”]

Dark Souls 2:

[youtube id=”LIZ1wPPPbE8″]


[youtube id=”sw8_GeRokj0″]

They’re pretty lengthy, so grab some popcorn and get ready to learn about things you may not have known existed.

The punishment begins when Dark Souls 3 launches later this week on March 24.


Image: From Dark Souls 3 Courtesy of FromSoftware