As if clowns weren’t scary enough already, the new movie from producer Eli Roth will make you never want to go near them again. Clown, which will get a special Starz Digital release, is about a child-eating clown.

The movie was directed by Jon Watts, who helmed Cop Car and is working on Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was completed in 2014, but is just now getting a theatrical release. According to Bloody Disgusting, it will get a limited release starting on June 17.

However, if you’d rather spend time with a cannibal clown at home, Starz Digital will also have Clown available On Demand on the same day.



Clown‘s plot sounds weird and incredibly creative. It centers on a father who finds an old clown suit to wear for his son’s party. After the party is over though, the suit refuses to come off. Instead, the suit takes over his body and he becomes a demon clown who loves to eat children.


Image: Dimension Films