Since the anti-hero’s inception, it has been established that he’s as self-centered as a character can get. He’s really into himself, but it works for him so his superpowered colleagues tend to ignore it. Except that time he killed them all. That wasn’t fun. But even then, his self-obsession shone in interesting ways, and as we saw on the big screen this past Valentine’s Day, he shows no signs of changing. Good thing, or else we wouldn’t be blessed with his film’s incredible marketing campaign.

The movie hits Blu-ray/DVD soon, but today it launches on digital platforms. Not one to follow in the conventional footsteps of others, Deadpool chose to not only market his film on the iTunes page, but also on other films’ iTunes advertisement pages. Check out the images below of Deadpool cleverly hijacking and parodying movie ads, such as Alien 3, X-Men and even Batman the Movie.



Deadpool is available digitally today, but comes to Blu-ray/DVD next month on May 10.


Images via iTunes