Oh the things you do to us, Deadpool. Never stop being you, man. And for you readers, as with anything concerning this character, this may not be for those of a delicate spirit.

As part of the marketing extravaganza for the Deadpool Blu-ray/DVD release (rivaled only by the marketing for the theatrical release) Fox Home Entertainment has dropped this new promo based on those irritating Viagra commercials you see on TV.

Except, as anyone with half a brain would expect, our favorite Merc takes things a step further, bordering on too far (lol, as if), with lots of innuendo and allusion. Be prepared for gratuitous wood polishing, dishtowels and katanas forming tents and such. Just watch for yourself:


[youtube id=”isZYRbKP8uU”]


It’s so commendable when a superhero vigilante cares so much about his adoring audience that he takes the time to help us where we need it most. Thank you, Uncle Wade.


The Deadpool Blu-ray/DVD releases in the US on May 10 though already came early on various VOD platforms digitally enticing you to satisfy those hard Deadpool urges fast.


Deadpool on couch with rose

What? We didn’t say anything.


According to Amazon, you can expect deleted scenes, a gag reel (we’ll let that one slide), commentary by Ryan Reynolds, director Tim Miller and more. You also get other stuff such as goodies we can’t even guess at including something entitled Deadpool’s Fun Sack. Here’s the synopsis:

“Hold onto your chimichangas, folks. From the studio that brought you all 3 Taken films comes DEADPOOL, the block-busting, fourth-wall-breaking masterpiece about Marvel Comics sexiest anti-hero: me! Go deep inside (I love that) my origin story…typical stuff…rogue experiment, accelerated healing powers, horrible disfigurement, red spandex, imminent revenge. Directed by overpaid tool Tim Miller, and starring God s perfect idiot Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Morena Baccarin, T. J. Miller and Gina Carano, DEADPOOL is a giddy slice of awesomeness packed with more twists than my enemies intestines and more action than prom night. Amazeballs! “


Be sure to keep a box of tissues handy–for when the sad parts happen–jeez, get your minds out of the gutter.


Images/Video via Fox Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox