Don’t feign a look of surprise, this was bound to happen as Deadpool continues to push its way through massive box office success. Its lifetime gross now ranks it among the top 10 comic book adaptions in U.S. box office history. Deadpool has already made over $700 million worldwide.

The Merc with the Mouth’s standalone debut has out grossed Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Man of Steel. The next films it’s set to overtake are Guardians of the Galaxy and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Shots fired. Nine more to knock off the charts.

Shots fired. Start counting, only nine more to knock off the charts.

The movie has already broken records as it instantly gained traction giving it the biggest opening weekend ever for an rated-R film.

In honor of Deadpool’s theater debut monthiversary, Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, posted a celebration video.

[youtube id=”CzCEe0svL7k”]

Pool. Deadpool, must be very pleased.


[Source: Box Office Mojo; Images: 20th Century Fox]