Training montages are common in most, if not all, superhero films. They are almost like a rite of passage. However, because this is Deadpool’s version of a superhero film, his training montage is a bit different. All right, it’s drastically different.

He doesn’t just pump iron, beat up on dummies, and partake in mastering the salmon ladder. No, Deadpool’s idea of practice is far more unconventional. He designs his suit, decorates for Christmas, wreaks havoc, gets touchy-feely with himself, and rescues a cat from a tree. All of this is accomplished to the tune of his very own theme music — “Deadpool Rap” by Teamheadkick.




Released by MTV News, ahead of tonight’s award show, the training montage clip is actually a deleted scene from Deadpool. Who knows why it was deleted? It would have fit the film perfectly. Perhaps there was too much sexy for one superhero movie to handle.


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Alternatively, you can watch the clip here. This deleted scene and more can be expected to feature on the upcoming Deadpool Blu-ray/DVD release, which hits store shelves on May 10.


Images: 20th Century Fox