After an incredible run in cinemas Deadpool is coming to Blu-ray. While many home video releases contain little more than the film itself, Wade Wilson has gone in a very different direction. Shocking, we know.

The film’s official Twitter account gave us a list of the special features, which you can see below. The picture also includes some notes from the Merc with a Mouth, continuing the film’s fantastic marketing. There are certainly a lot of things worth checking out on the release, along with countless viewings of the film.



As you can see, there are two audio commentaries included in the special features. On top of that there are deleted scenes, also with commentaries, and plenty of featurettes. Hopefully the film’s amazing viral marketing campaign is featured in there, as it’s worth watching again on its own. The video of Deadpool’s Halloween night was a highlight and a featurette full of those stunts would be worth the price alone.



Few films put this much effort into their Blu-ray release. It’s not as though it needed a big push, given that it made a massive $757 million off a $58 million budget. Obviously, that was the key to Fox giving the go-ahead for a sequel, which we’ve not heard too much about just yet. Cable will be in it, and Domino is joining him, if Heroic Hollywood is to be believed.

The sequel is expected to hit cinemas in 2018, but at least there’s enough on the Blu-ray to tide fans over until then. Deadpool’s Blu-ray hits stores on 10 May, right inbetween the theatrical releases of Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse. May looks like it’s going to be a massive month for Marvel heroes.


Image via Fox