The pages of Robert Liefeld’s upcoming Deadpool graphic novel were previewed at the Diamond Comics Retailer Breakfast, today. The book will mark the comic veteran’s return to the character, alongside up and comers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers.

Characters that owe their creation to Liefield, such as fan favorites Cable and Domino, are set to feature in the narrative as well. In an interview with Marvel last year, he had this to say about what to expect:

“It’s a blast; there [are] plenty of laughs to accompany all the action and adventure. There are quite a few guest turns as well; Cable and Domino are featured quite a bit in the past and present. I’m enjoying all the various toys I made for Marvel during my New Mutants/X-Force tenure.”

On what makes Bad Blood a must read:

‘It reveals key backstory elements from Deadpool’s past and the lives he screwed up along the way. We set out to make Deadpool very uncomfortable here and challenge a character that has gotten out of quite a few dangerous situations and doesn’t really perceive anyone or anything as a real “threat.”

Check out the preview images below.

Deadpool: Bad Blood will launch later this year.


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