If you’re still behind on Snyder’s Batman run, the new The Court of Owls collection set may be for you. Included in the collection are a set of trade backs for the first three volumes of the series — “The Court of Owls,” “City of Owls,” and “Death and the Family.” The collection hits stores Wednesday, September 7 for $49.99.

Owls collection

The 30th anniversary of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and volume one of Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and Chad Hardin’s “Harley Quinn” run, are slated to receive set collections as well. Included in each set will be the comic and a PVC mask of the Bat-cowl and Harley’s face mask, respectively.

The “Harley Quinn” set will be available for purchase starting August 3, for $34.99.


Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns set will go on sale for $39.99 on October 5.


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Source and Images: DC Entertainment