DC All Access is DC’s way of staying in touch with their community via YouTube videos. Typically, videos are posted every weekday and consist of insight into what’s going on in DC Entertainment, interviews, news, and lists. Today marks the launch of a free mobile App, available in Google Play and the App Store, in which DC All Access can be made more accessible in the palm of your hand. The same content on the DC Entertainment YouTube channel that houses DC All Access, will feature simultaneously on the app as well.

Additionally, there are App exclusives, such as polls, mini-quizzes about character history and lore, character history to read (think the DC wiki), a scoring system based on activities and challenges, and mobile emojis that are set to come soon to the App. The scoring system gives the user access to certain reward unlocks; for instance, a current reward is an “exclusive mobile wallpaper” from Convergence: Superman #1.

Broadening the sense of community DC All Access is known for is the profile and community pages. Akin to a Facebook page, users can build a profile, leave comments, follow one another, like, and share.
It is an interesting step forward that could potentially have a lot of promise. Will you download the app and give it a try? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source and Image: DC Entertainment]