It would be an understatement to say the Daredevil Netflix series deserves a video game adaption akin to Rocksteady’s stellar Batman: Arkham trilogy. Open-world Hell’s Kitchen with a myriad of Batman Arkham-inspired combat moves, and a solid narrative to back it up?


Kevin Smith

“That would be &*% phenomenal, holy &*%$… &*$# you take all my money!!”


While we probably won’t be getting that anytime soon, if ever, YouTube user doisDI Desenhando, has designed this impressive 8-bit recreation of Daredevil’s opening titles sequence. And yes, there is 8-bit music that will make any Castlevania fan smile with absolute glee.


[youtube id=”SLloXQzBZ6M”]


Here’s the original title sequence for comparison.


[youtube id=”KFYFh8w4758″]


After seeing that, even an 8-bit Rogue Legacy-inspired Daredevil game would suffice. What did you think? Will you be scouring the internet to find a way to download the song? If you figure it out, leave us a link in the comments below.


Top Image: Netflix

Kevin Smith Image: Fatman on Batman via Ed Boon on Twitter