SPOILERS: Those who have seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice know that it didn’t just introduce us to Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and instead we got at least a glimpse of all six major players of the DC Extended Universe. Lately, then, news has started to trickle out about the upcoming solo films featuring these soon-to-be members of the Justice League. As it turns out, BvS might have set a template for future DC films – we could well expect to see multiple heroes in each movie.

In an interview with Forbes, producer Deborah Snyder appeared to let slip that The Flash movie, starring Ezra Miller, will also feature Ray Fisher’s Cyborg in an important role, by the sounds of it. Here’s what she had to say:

“As you can imagine, when we get to the Flash movie, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher — who plays Cyborg — are kind of our youngest characters, and they have a really nice comradery with each other. Ezra is super funny, so the tone of that film will be very different than the rest of them.”

After BvS received such a negative reception for its gloomy tone, it is good to hear that things will lighten up in the DCEU in future. When Flash and Cyborg team up in that movie it might be what many fans thought was lacking from BvS; you know, fun. What we’ve seen of the characters so far has certainly got us excited for what’s coming up.

The Flash is set to be helmed by Pride and Prejudice and Zombies author Seth Grahame-Smithe in his directorial debut. It is planned to arrive in cinemas in 2018. Cyborg’s own movie will turn up somewhat later, in 2020. Very little is known of that film as yet.


Image via DC Comics 

  • Daniel S Levine

    I think they’d have to introduce Cyborg in another one of the movies since his solo movie doesn’t come until 2020!