For many of the millions of people who have gone to see the film over the last several days, the biggest critique has been the two character’s flawed motivations and disparate actions in comparison to their historical characterization. Ray Fisher, the Cyborg actor, has shared on his Instagram page a heartfelt review from a fan. A fan who begins his review by admitting that because of the film’s apparent tone and plot, he walked into the theater feeling obligated to hate it. However, throughout the movie the very flawed motivations and characterization issues the movie has been getting panned for, opened his eyes and made him appreciate the characters even more.


It’s not a particularly lengthy review. If you can, watch the whole thing, it’s worth it. He analyzes the two titular characters in a way that even fans of the film may have not considered. Be careful of spoilers as Brett, the reviewer, does discuss a few key plot points.

[youtube id=”rKRmMQaLZz8″]


Image: DC