With Paramount scheduled to release the series’ 13th installment next year and a game expected to launch sometime soon, the Friday the 13th franchise is seemingly being brought back in epic proportions. That epicness was supposed to be filled out by an impending TV series being developed at The CW, home to other licensed properties such as Arrow, The Flash, and iZombie.

Announced last year, the first film’s director, Sean Cunningham, was to be heavily involved. It was meant to take a meta approach with the narrative, using the “real” Camp Crystal Lake (the New Jersey Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco) as an on-location back drop. The series would have taken a look at how the film franchise has affected the town, which may have been an issue. Fans just want to see Jason Voorhees in action, but Cunningham explained at the time that the idea was to have the killer who inspired Jason appear throughout the series.




It was an intriguing premise and The CW jumped on board. However, according to a report by pizowell (citing a source close to the project), the network may have recently axed the series all together.

“So what happened? According to my source, the network didn’t jibe with the concept for the series. What was the concept? Apparently, that’s the problem. After months of development, there was still no real concept for the series, causing network execs to re-think bringing Friday the 13th (back) to the small screen.”

It sounds as if plans went no where fast, something horror franchises are certainly used to by now. It’ll be interesting to see how fans respond to this, especially since the original announcement received lukewarm reception, mostly because of the network involved. Are you happy about this alleged turn of events, or do you still want to see what could’ve been?  Sound off in the comments below.


Images: Paramount