Any good X-Men fan knows that the upcoming third Wolverine solo movie will apparently be the final time Hugh Jackman unsheathes Logan’s claws, as he bows out of the role he has played for nearly two decades. Fox will have quite a conundrum on their hands afterwards; how do they continue with such a popular character without Jackman? If this latest rumour is to be believed, they might have just found a way…

SuperHeroHype has claimed that the next movie will introduce X-23, a female clone of Logan in the comics. She possesses all of Wolverine’s usual tricks, such as his healing factor and metal claws. She even has claws coming out of her feet, to boot (pun intended). The character first appeared in the X-Men: Evolution animated series before being brought into the main Marvel universe. Recently, in the comics, X-23 – otherwise known as Laura Kinney – took over as Wolverine after the death of her “father.”

No official word has been made on this, so this is all speculation, but could this be a canny move by Fox to introduce Wolverine’s replacement in his final film? Now that movie audiences are getting hungrier for more female leads – like The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen or Rey from The Force Awakens – it would be a very clever idea for the X-Men franchise to introduce their own. Alternatively, she could just be a one-off character. Or this rumour could be a load of baloney.

What we do know is that the so-far untitled film will be directed by The Wolverine’s James Marigold, from a script by David James Kelly. As well as Jackman, it will feature Boyd Holbrook as the villain and Patrick Stewart back as Professor X. It is currently set to be released on March 3, 2017.


Image via Marvel Comics