Hot Toys has introduced its Batman v Superman inspired Cosbaby figure-line and they are beyond cute. Included in the line of four-inch figures with rotating heads are Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Battle-Damaged Armored Batman, Knightmare Batman, and Aquaman.

See the Cosbabies below (even the name is cute!):

Rounding out the announcement of figures is Hot Toys’ introduction of additional Armored Batman figures with three unique color variants. Coming in matte black, chrome, and black chrome, the Armored Batman collectibles will stand 9.5cm tall. Additionally, the chrome colors will have LED lit eyes, as if they weren’t awesome enough. The three unique color versions of the Armored Batman figures are only available in select markets, according to the Hot Toys Facebook Page.

Armored Bman BvS8


Batman v Superman hits silver screens this month on March 25th. Tickets are available for advance purchase now!


[Images: Courtesy of Hot Toys]