The Boy Scout has not been having a good run of it in the New 52. In fact, he’s had it so bad, that during DC’s Rebirth launch, the Supes of New 52 will be replaced by classic Superman. Why? Well, the why is a spoiler to be found in Superman #51. It’s a pretty interesting story arc that will hopefully pay off once Rebirth officially begins.

With a new Superman comes a new suit. There has been concept art revealed of the turnaround art artist Tom Derenick created from “Jim Lee’s redesign for the Rebirth book.” Check out the image Derenick posted below.


Superman concept

Beneath the image on his post, Derenick clarified that the cape is not see-through. Though it appears to be just that, Derenick said, it looks the way it does “so the artists can see what the costume underneath looks like.” Perhaps the most significant difference between this costume concept and the one from New 52 is the missing high collar and red boots. The belt has also been altered and the symbol on the back of his cape has returned to its classic yellow color.


New 52 Superman vs Rebirth

New 52 Superman


On May 25 DC’s Rebirth initiative kicks off with an introductory comic before new series are released in June.


Images: DC