The last several iterations of the Batmobile have been tank-like in structure. One needs only to look to Christopher Nolan, Rocksteady and Zack Snyder to see that the iconic vehicle can offer the Batman more than just a simple way of traversing the streets of Gotham. But truth be told, the Batmobile’s design has never been about heft and destruction; in fact, before Nolan’s TDK trilogy, the car always looked sleek and futuristic. Long lines, sharp edges, and admittedly a few overt bat-wing inspired designs, are common images that most fans conjure in their minds when thinking of the perfect Batmobile.


All Batmobiles

All live action Batmobiles. Courtesy of Deadbolt


Encho Enchev, a senior 3D artist and designer at Ubisoft, took inspiration from both ends of the spectrum. What he came up with is simply marvelous. After seeing Batman v Superman, the artist was so “impressed by the vehicle designs,” he created the following design mock-up, he noted on his ArtStation page. It looks a bit like a dragster, with huge wheels and a short body. But those beautiful sleek lines are there and in them, the Batman v Superman influence is clear. The headlights look like the eyes of the Bat’s cowl and the cow-catcher-esque grill is begging for impact. In short, it’s gorgeous. Ogle the concept design images below.




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Source and Images: Highsnobiety