Every hero needs an enemy. The second official trailer for Batman v Superman gave audiences their first glimpse of Doomsday, the killer of Superman in The Death of Superman comic series. The unexpected spoiler upset a substantial portion of optimistic followers of the DCEU. Still, fans debate on the super villain’s appearance, especially now that the film has been in theaters for just over a week. It turns out, the variation of the ultimate DC villain crowds saw on the big screen was one of many options. Conceptual artist for Batman v Superman, Vance Kovacs, shared his take on Doomsday, here. With a worldwide earnings totaling over $500 million, it’s hard to argue Zack Snyder and DC Entertainment made the wrong choice.

What are your thoughts on the Doomsday in Batman v Superman? Would you have preferred the renditions provided by Vance Kovacs? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently in theaters. Hopefully, you liked it; maybe you didn’t. Either way, Suicide Squad hits theaters 5 August 2016. At least we have that to look forward to, right Ben?