This past week people rushed in droves to comic book stores everywhere to get their hands on the Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine. This special edition features a guide to Cap’s friends and enemies, an in-depth look at his costume, and even features the creators who took part in the long hours of writing and drawing the Sentinel of Liberty. Among all of the history, the 75th also features a preview of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War: The Art Of The Movie, expected to hit comic stores in May. The preview gave us a glimpse at the concept art for Black Panther’s suit in Civil War.


“The overall concept is that it’s a woven suit- on a more granular level, there is Vibranium woven into the fabric. This Vibranium thread would provide a silver sheen so that when it catches the light, it would glisten a bit. From there we tried to create a design language for patterns to fit very subtly into the hard Vibranium pieces that are woven through the suit.” -Ryan Meinerding

Oh, Ryan the Vibranium works, it definitely works.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th.

Images: Marvel