In an interview with BBC, the acclaimed proposer announced his departure from the genre. “To you [The Dark Knight Trilogy] is three movies, to me it’s eleven years of my life, then I did [Man of Steel], then [BvS]… I might as well say it — I have officially retired from the superhero business. He continues by mentioning that for him the latest film was the most difficult, because he struggled with trying to find “new language” or something fresh to say.

It’s understandable, after a decade plus of making Batman themed music, being called back in to start over would be a daunting task for anyone. On his collaboration with Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg), for the film’s score, he said that it was “very important to have another voice.” A voice he asked for when originally approached for the project; he was reluctant to return, but the compromise of bringing on extra talent helped him make his choice.

However, that seems to have not been enough. Again, it’s understandable, after spending so long doing a specific type of work for a specific type of film, branching out must seem like paradise to him. Fortunately for fans of the composer, more will be heard from him again when his sixth project with Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk, hits theaters in summer 2017.


Image: Scoop