You read that correctly and it gets better. Deadline announced Threshold Global Studios is not only looking to make a Tetris movie, then show it to people in an effort to make money, but they are also looking to release two other Tetris films afterwards as a part of a trilogy. This has to be good news for humanity as a whole. If people have money to spend on making and watching a movie based on Tetris, then that has to mean we’ve found the cure for cancer and world hunger and there’s nothing else to spend money on, right?

Tetris is to be a $80 million China/U.S. production that will be brought to the world by investor Bruno Wu and producer Larry Kasanoff. Kasanoff is known for giving the world a different video game movie, Mortal Kombat. That movie however was based on a video game with characters and a plot. Tetris though is a Russian puzzle game from the 1980’s where repetitive shapes fell into place to a Russian folk tune called Korobeiniki. If you’ve never heard the song consider yourself blessed. For those of you who know the song, you have our apologies. It should stop playing in your head in approximately ten hours.



The movie is being pitched as a sci-fi thriller that will be filmed in 2017 with a Chinese cast. According to the duo, the film is financed and ready to go. We can only assume the financiers are those who are also eagerly awaiting the Angry Birds movie, and enjoyed the previous pointless game movie, Battleship. That or maybe Satan. Seriously, this has Prince of Darkness written all over it.


“Not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise.” Kasanoff said at Cannes.


We’re not sure about the cool part, but there honestly isn’t a way we can’t be surprised by how this film turns out.


Image: The Tetris Company