Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just as many fascinating facts and bits of trivia as all its predecessors, and now we’ve learned that a particular high-profile comedian turned down the rare opportunity of appearing in said film.


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You’re thinking exactly what we are: who in their right mind would turn down a cameo in a Star Wars film? Admit it: even if George Lucas had offered you a cameo in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace you would have snatched it up faster than¬†some slave kid¬†can say, “Yipee!”


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All right, enough bantha poodoo. Pudu? We really don’t know.

According to Empire, back when cameo parts were being offered, one such was held up to none other than Jon Stewart. However, at the time, only cameos as stormtroopers were available. Stewart, a huge Star Wars fan, had his heart set on being a good guy. Rather than settling for a momentary First Order post, such as the sort held by Daniel Craig, Ben Schwarz, Nigel Godrich and Michael Giacchino, he opted out entirely.

We’d like to judge Stewart, but you have to admit: it’s hard to be mad at the guy. He’s definitely in a position to be choosy, being awesome and all. Plus, Obi-Wan would have truly been proud of his resistance to the dark side.


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The closest Stewart has been to appearing onscreen in connection with the Star Wars franchise was in 2001 as news anchor, Reg Hartner, in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Hopefully they’ll take pity on the poor guy in the future and offer him a reasonable Resistance role. Truthfully, it could be badass to see him as a Resistance pilot or some sort of hapless Skywalker toadie. In fact, in keeping with the franchise’s obsession with ancestry, he could be the grandson of this kid:


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