Jimmy Kimmel is having a week packed full of Marvel stars, and last night he had Agents of SHIELD’s (AOS) Clark Gregg. The actor, who played Agent Phil Coulson in four Marvel movies and is now the star of AOS, talked about his history with the studio, and he let slip that SHIELD might be losing a member.

During the interview, which you can see below, Gregg joked about how regularly shows kill off big characters now. He even went in to detail about when it happens on Agents of SHIELD, saying that the cast gets nervous when all the executive producers show up on set.

When pushed by Kimmel on when this last occurred, Gregg said, “Kinda recently.” He then followed up by telling the host, “Yes, it might mean that someone is going to die.”



It didn’t seem like a planned slip; it looks like Gregg gave away something he shouldn’t have. The stakes on the show are being raised, and with that they need a casualty or two. Also, the show has a massive cast, and they could probably do with switching out a few actors to make room for new stars.

Gregg also talked about how he first joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how he made his first exit. After appearing in Iron Man, he was killed off in The Avengers. It was largely due to fan support that he was brought back for Agents of SHIELD, as Marvel was not planning to revive him originally.



Kimmel’s week of Marvel stars continues on Wednesday and Thursday. Team Iron Man from Captain America: Civil War are in the studio on Wednesday night. Then, Thursday is Thor’s day, as Chris Hemsworth appears. While he’s promoting The Huntsman: Winter’s War, expect a few details on his next Thor adventure, too.


Image via Marvel (Walt Disney Co.)