The movie has only been out in theaters for two weeks (in the US; longer elsewhere), but word is already out concerning deleted scenes and cut characters from Captain America: Civil War. In the video below, Mr. Sunday Movies goes into all those points, which you may or may not know about yet.

He offers explanations as to why several characters like Hulk, Pepper Potts and Nick Fury were left out of the film, each of which seems to make a lot of sense.

“Nick Fury was also left out because it was thought he would add a level of stability to the Avengers, and that way the movie could be like when a parent leaves the house and then all the kids try to beat each other to death on an airport tarmac.”

He also conveys that over 70 concepts were considered for the Spider-Man costume, including the black suit, before choosing a variation on Steve Ditko’s comic book design. Bucky Barnes was also going to have shorter hair in the film, but later they decided that as such he wouldn’t look enough like the Winter Soldier. That may have been a necessity for audiences less familiar with the character.

Action sequences were cut down or out as well including a bit during the airport scene that would have had Captain America’s shield changing several hands in a short amount of time before being returned to him during the fight. There was also a scene featuring a fight between Cap and Black Widow that didn’t make the final cut. Hopefully stuff like this will be included on the Blu-ray/DVD, which is expected to be released sometime in September or October.


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You can see Captian America: Civil War as it continues its box office domination in theaters right now.


Image via Marvel (Walt Disney Studios)