Even though the untimely passing of Prince occurred well over a month ago, the tributes to the music legend continue to pour in. It’s doubtful we’ll ever be over losing him so soon. It’s very rare to have a genius like that exist at the same time we do and be able to appreciate the art they bring us at the same time.

In the spirit of remembering Prince, W Magazine has posted the video below on their YouTube channel featuring a few celebrities giving their thoughts and stories of Prince, whether they met him or not. Included are Cindy Crawford, Nate Parker, Melissa Benoist, Rami Malek, Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Evans, in that order.

Benoist, star of Supergirl, shared her impressions of the artist himself and how his style and mark was evident in every aspect:

“The energy he just emanated…it permeated everything he did.”

Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) once dressed up as Prince for Halloween with “lace coming out of every crevice.” When asked how it affected the way he felt around others, once in costume, he amusingly replied:

“It didn’t so much change my mood as the people around me. I felt like I was more accessible to a number of people that I wasn’t in the past.”

Chris Evans (Captain America: Civil War) shared a personal experience and the realization of something many have commented on regarding Prince: his innate, gentle kindness.

“I luckily was able to…I saw him a couple of times, and one time I met him. We went to a show in L.A., small show, and afterwards I got to go backstage and talk to him for a little bit. He was just the nicest guy in the world, the nicest guy in the world–really sweet, very soft spoken, but just kind. Had no air of pretentiousness about him or anything like that, and you just walk away being like, ‘Man, Prince is awesome! Prince is cool as hell.'”

[youtube id=”dS7lnKawmKY”]

Prince, whose stellar career in music spanned nearly five decades, died in his home of an accidental painkiller overdose on April 21. He was 54 years old.


Image via W Magazine