On the eve of the Captain America: Civil War theatrical release in the States, Marvel has apparently decided to cash in on those big dorks they employ and has released this very patriotic, very unique and very hilarious promo. Watch several cast members join in honoring the trademark patriotism of Captain America by humming The Battle Hymn of the Republic while Chris Evans gives his monologue.


[youtube id=”NjkHPj5AXEU”]


Any bets on how many takes it took for them all to keep a straight face? We’re guessing in the hundreds. Watch closely at the beginning, when Robert Downey, Jr. joins Evans, and you can see Evans really fighting hard to resist (likely) bursting into his signature left-boob-grab laugh.


Chris Evans laughing left boob grab

Chris Hemsworth instigates an ‘Avengers’ boob grab (via Warner Bros.)


Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans laughing left boob grab

Jeremy Renner is understandably amused at this ‘Age of Ultron’ boob grab (via AskMen)


Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans laughing left boob grab

Chris Hemsworth is responsible for yet another ‘Age of Ultron’ boob grab (via AMC)


Scott Evans and Chris Evans laughing on Jimmy Fallon

Late Night double boob grab on The Tonight Show (his brother Scott, seated next to him, is so done) (via NBC)


And while each Civil War cast member that joins Evans in this promo brings their own piece of musical yet brief brilliance (always love listening to RDJ sing) our favorite bit comes when Sebastian Stan, known as the never loquacious Winter Soldier, stays in character and even manages a quick ‘WTF’ look at these wackadoos.

Seriously, part of the charm of these films is how much the cast enjoys them as much as their fans do. It’s easy to rally behind people who take so much pride in their work but never take themselves too seriously. If nothing else, Marvel keeps shit fun.

Captain America: Civil War opens in US theaters May 6, while much of the rest of the world has been fortunate enough to have had the film for at least a week.


Images/Video via Marvel (Walt Disney Studios), Rolling Stone