With Marvel about to dominate cinema screens with Captain America: Civil War, they’re taking advantage of that success with a new Civil War comic. The series is a sequel to the 2006 run by Mark Millar. Instead of the original Iron Man v Captain America battle, this time Shellhead is up against Captain Marvel.



The trailer teases a major death within the run, while it also sets up the conflict between the heroes. After a new Inhuman develops the power to see the future, the heroes are divided on how to use that power. Captain Marvel wants to prevent crimes before they happen. Iron Man is against using it, wanting to keep the current status quo. When one of the heroes is predicted to cause major destruction, the world’s heroes come to blows and probably cause a lot of destruction.

Basically, this is Minority Report set in the Marvel universe. It is an interesting new take on the story, which once again pits plenty of friends against each other. This includes both Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers, as the two Captain Americas are on opposite sides.

There are some themes from Captain America: The Winter Soldier in here. Not HYDRA taking over the world, but more in line with the SHIELD Helicarriers as part of Project Insight. In the film, Steve Rogers was against them, saying that punishment should come after the crime. In Civil War II, that seems to be the basis of Tony Stark’s argument, while Rogers is on the opposite side.

Of course, we won’t get the full nature of the two sides until the series is released. Civil War II #1 comes out in June.

Image via Marvel